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YMCA Awards Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity


This is now the module for Advanced Instructors that completes the certificate in Advanced Personal Training or for any level 2 Instructor who wishes to be internationally qualified to give Nutritional advice 

It seems that every day you and your clients are bombarded with conflicting information about nutrition, obesity or new diets. This will be a popular subject your clients will want advice on and want to discuss with you. This course covers the principles of healthy eating and weight management in relation to exercise, sports and wellbeing. 

As a Personal Trainer this qualification will give you the skills and knowledge to advise clients to meet their individual needs to achieve their health and fitness goals.

The course content includes:

  • Fundamentals of good nutrition
  • Nutrients and how they affect metabolism
  • Understanding behaviour change
  • Popular diets, myths and analysis
  • Energy balance and metabolism
  • Obesity – understanding it and consequences
  • Client assessment and treatment
  • Water and Fluid balance
  • Food diary and analysis

Who is the course for?

Suitable for all Instructors who are qualified with an internationally recognised Level 2 qualification, or for those who wish to study to become an advisor on fitness nutrition 

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Where is the course? Dubai 

Date and time: check courses page 

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